Ascot Homes List of Standard Inclusions

Preliminary Inclusions​

  • A thorough site inspection by Ascot Staff
  • A fixed - price Quote with detailed Specification, outlining in detail what’s included
  • Access to our in – house draftsman, to create your house plan or make changes to an existing plan – at no extra cost!
  • Flexibility with Concrete Slab and foundation.

Standard Inclusions

  • Raft slab with external and internal beams
  • Waffle Pod design for problem sites with rock
  • All slabs designed by structural Engineer to Australian Standards
  • Platform Floors systems available in timber or steel
  • Soil Test and if required Septic design with Percolation Test
  • Plumbing and Water connection fees
  • Building Certification fees
  • Queensland Building Construction Commission’s Insurance

Mandatory Items

  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
  • Hardwired Connected Smoke Detectors to Aust Standards
  • Water Tempering Valves
  • Non return Valves to Stop Contaminated water re-entering the system
  • Safety plan by WorkPlace Health and Safety Officer including two site inspections
  • Sediment Control

Standard General Construction

  • Steel Frames, Trusses, Roof and Ceiling Battens
  • Engineering design to a minimum C2 Wind Rating (or greater if required)